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Alfheim, the Realm of the Elves

The quaint village of Neisti enjoyed a peaceful existence, far away from the wars of Midgard. Nonetheless, the unexpected arrival of a Midgard human sparks more than a few uproars. What will happen when the human and one of their own form a bond?


Elska was created for My First Game Jam: Winter 2020. This project is a very rough and early prototype.



  • Art, story, programming – Red Lily
  • Original soundtrack – TheWalker
  • Additional SFX – Freesound.org
  • Plugins by MogHunter, Yanfly, and Atreyo Ray


Elska_Windows.zip 319 MB
Elska_Linux.zip 362 MB
Elska_Mac.zip 455 MB

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