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     One century has passed since the day the Raven chased them out of their homes. Upon awakening from her slumber, the butterfly Leanne finds the world a completely different place. Separated from her lover Sayer, Leanne navigates this strange and alien place that was once her home.

     But the Raven is not so easily deterred. Following her every step, the Raven watches, hunting. To survive in this new world, and to find Sayer, Leanne must rely on her wits to evade the Raven.


Centennial is a solo project made for My First Game Jame: Summer 2020. This is a rough teaser.



  • Art, story, programming - Red Lily
  • Music - Amacha Music
  • Additional SFX - Freesound.org
  • Stock photography from Freepik
  • Plugins by MogHunter and Yanfly


Centennial_Windows.zip 343 MB
Centennial_Mac.zip 479 MB
Centennial_Linux.zip 386 MB

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